Referrals come from Alcohol & Drug Centres and Non-Government Organisations

Information for those seeking to come here & their whānau.

All referrals come through Community Alcohol and Drug (CADs) services and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) throughout the South Island. To gain admission to St Marks, tāngata whai ora need to contact their local CADs or NGO in order to begin the enrolment process. These services will determine suitability to our programme. A comprehensive assessment is then sent to the clinical team at St Marks for processing and if accepted, we will ask for some more information, once received, a date of entry is given.

The referrer and the tangata whai ora together read the St Marks Information Booklet which outlines conditions of entry, rules, financial commitment and the philosophy of the programme.

Tāngata whai ora sign that they have understood and agreed to the conditions of entry. Please remember we are a smoke (and vape) free service, and whilst in the juinior phase (4 weeks) mobile phones are only allowed once per week, and there are no visitors or leaving the premises unless sanctioned...Why? We want you to have your head in the programme, without distractions, until you are settled. Once settled and out of the junior phase, there is more freedom, and, more responsibility.

We want you to know that our team will hold you to our rules, boundaries and processes, and will treat you with love and compassion.Have a look on our 'Programme' page for more information about the programme structure.


Your whānau member is safe and well looked after. They will have a full medical check up in their first week. They will be asked to grant permission for contact with you and other people, and if they give it we are happy to let you know how they are doing. After the junior phase you may visit them at certain times. Towards the end of their programme we encourage them to visit home if it is ok with you. We can arrange Zoom meetings after junior phase if needed. 

We know that sometimes, relationships have been put under strain and we encourage you to engage with your whānau member with fresh eyes, they will be drug and alcohol free, and will have learnt some new skills here.

You are also welcome to come have a look round before your whānau member starts here if it helps.


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To empower, reconnect & give hope. Enabling lifelong change to create a positive future for individuals and whānau impacted by Alcohol & Drug Addiction.

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