Letter from a graduate

Letter from a graduate

January 2015

Dear Lois and the amazing team,
I think back to where I was a year ago and reflect on how my whole sense of well-being and belonging has changed so radically. Who would've thought I would be the woman I am today, 'beautiful – inside and out'.

I want to thank you all for not giving up on me and instead, supporting, guiding, challenging, affirming, listening, questioning, caring, respecting, building, demonstrating, encouraging, role-modelling and valuing me in my journey through St Marks.

I feel so privileged and blessed to have had this opportunity to be accepted into your programme from Sept – Dec 2014. I have grown so much in myself. I believe the St Marks programme is designed in an empowering holistic approach to learning which I find to be incredibly affirming in my development into being a strong, gorgeous woman.
I think the programme is designed in such a way that offers new challenges to clients. I found some to be totally out of my comfort zone but once I took a risk I discovered it was great fun.

The balance of academic and recreation really helped me with my recovery.

The work that all of you do is incredible. You are so passionate and committed to each individual and I felt so valued. The extra mile people went for me was so humbling. My success at completing and embracing my time at St Marks fully was down to all of you. I have come back into society with an amazing positive attitude towards myself and life. I feel a sense of peace. My life of sobriety is going to throw me some curve balls but I have the tools and dedication to deal with them in a positive way.

My relationships are healthy and I have gained confidence to be assertive and communicate in a way that seems to be working so I'm not carrying around unnecessary stress.

I was grand to come through last week and see you all, I felt so happy and part of St Marks. I send positive thoughts and I'm sure you all will embrace the new clients with your collective knowledge and skills like you did for me.

My girl is really happy to have a sober, fun, happy mum back in her life.

I can't thank you enough. I will never ever forget this life-changing time in my life.

Keep smiling – it makes the world go around.

Best Wishes to you all. X

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